“A Misplaced Book is a Lost Book”

From orientation to completion each person that is involved in the move must understand the importance of a misplaced book. Accuracy is critical and the methodology should be simple and easy to understand.

At Overton & Associates we specialize solely in moving libraries. Bill Overton says: “a library is a different kind of customer.  Each library move is unique and will have its own complications. Understanding these complications is what we do best."

We have completed all types of moves throughout the entire country. Whether it be a small public library on the west coast or a large university on the east coast, we can assist you in your moving needs. Regardless of size, all client projects are approached with the same basic concept:  move the client with minimal disruption while ensuring a smooth transition.  Let us help you get started and see how we can assist in your future library moving needs.

Create specifications and assist in hiring the mover

  • Define the scope of work and create an inventory
  • Prepare budget estimates
  • Outline needs and details specific to the Client and type of project
  • If requested, create a plan to move the client utilizing its own staff, students and local help
  • Develop a move schedule

Manage The Move

  • Supervise client staff

  • Supervise local help or local movers
  • Plan and execute the entire move
Measure and map the entire collection
  • Develop and devise a fill ratio system
  • Anticipate and determine the growth rates for each collection
  • Generate spreadsheets that can easily be modified should the shelving layout change in the future
  • Collection segregation / integration
  • Label every shelf during the project thus increasing accuracy in the move and limiting shelving errors
Coordinate all aspects of the move
  • New shelving & furniture deliveries
  • Coordinate with contractors in every aspect of the move in process

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